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maria vasco uvida

Young Latina Entrepreneur Hitting It Big in Boston area

While majoring in Environmental Studies and Sustainability, Maria Vasco learned about plastic pollution problems and decided she would be part of the solution, not the problem.  She started to spread awareness about the zero-waste movement and started trying more plastic-free products. In 2019 she founded UVIDA Shop, Boston’s first and only zero-waste store, offering basic home goods essentials products without any plastic packaging or waste. 

She decided to apply for the Winter 2020 Lynn Business Accelerator with the hope of learning the fundamentals of how to start her business. “I needed more guidance and knowledge about finances, legal, branding, a little bit of everything!” she recalls.  

It was invaluable to meet other entrepreneurs, learn about their experiences and mistakes, and have mentors who guided her through the obstacles. “They helped me skip a lot of steps, save a lot of years in learning how to manage my business. They helped me start on the right foot!” 

The end of 2021 will mark the 2nd anniversary of her online store and one year of her storefront in the North End of Boston. Since graduating from the program, Maria Vasco has received excellent media coverage, being featured in the Boston Globe and Telemundo, among other outlets. Sales have been increasing steadily, and she’s about to open a second storefront soon.

Instagram: @uvidashop                  Facebook: /UVIDASHOP