Fior Espinal is the founder of Wiggle Walks, a dog walking and pet sitting company serving the Massachusetts North Shore whose motto is “every walk is better with a wiggle.”

When Fior first applied to the free one-year EforAll accelerator program, she had filed for a business name and had business cards printed but that was it.  She says “I was like I’m 29 and either I’m going to do this or I’m not, so I decided I was going to do it!” 

After she was accepted into the EforAll Business Accelerator in Lynn, Fior learned how to target her customer segment.  According to Fior, “EforAll pinpointed that for me. I was learning something new in every class, literally.” When asked about how it felt to be part of a cohort with 8 other startups, she says “It was amazing. I feel like we have a bond all of us, we always look out for each other, strategize and brainstorm together.”

When Fior began EforAll she didn’t have any clients, now she has seven. “EforAll has changed my life, it really has in the best way.”