Alyssa Bird worked in the fashion industry for many years and was always frustrated with the amount of fabric waste. Thinking about new ways to use those fabric scraps, she founded Picto Kits, educational art kits combining fabric and wood for kids age 3+ to create unique pieces. She and her husband, Nick Bahash, do everything, from creating the kits to boxing and shipping them. 

After attending a Business Accelerator Information event held by the EforAll Northwest Arkansas team, Alyssa and Nick thought it would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about business and make Picto Kits financially stable. “We were all over the place and needed focus to grow our business,” recalls Alyssa.

According to Alyssa,  she learned a lot more than she expected in the EforAll Accelerator. And she says the support of mentors, to share ideas and get feedback from people with different backgrounds, was extremely valuable. “We got 3 years of work done in 3 months! It was exactly what we needed,” she said.

Since completing the program, Alyssa and Nick have organized their financials and set up production for the busy Spring craft season. They’ve been going to pop-up events and have even been featured on local TV news. 

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