Liam Gorman always had a lot of fun geocaching (treasure hunting while hiking) with his kids. He thought this concept could work well in a more urban setting, where local businesses could offer the treasures and get extra foot traffic. And so, CozQuest (named after his cute dog Cozmo) was created. 

With the idea in mind, he learned about EforAll Berkshire County’s Fall 2020 Business Accelerator and felt it would be perfect for meeting other people who could help him build his platform. “I knew I needed to improve my networking and my business knowledge,” says Liam.

As the entrepreneurial journey tends to be lonely for most people, he said his favorite part of the program was the cohort. Having mentors and colleagues to share his ideas with and having a little companionship and sympathy from other people who were going through the same thing really helped him through his entrepreneurial journey. 

Since he graduated from EforAll, CozQuest has done several events in the community, with more than 30 local business partners. Liam is in the process of launching a new app where he’ll be able to expand the treasure hunts to new cities. “I wouldn’t be here without EforAll. It helped me stick to my goals. It’s easy to put things down when you’re by yourself,  but when you’re on a team, it’s this perpetual motion, it keeps you moving.” 

Instagram: @cozquest