Romeo’s Smoothies & Juices provides all-natural fresh juices and smoothies in Salem MA. After being an avid juicer for eight years and a bartender for eleven years, Jesenia realized “I was going on this healthy journey and I was like, why don’t I make a business out of this? It was a combination of bartending and my love of juice.”

After joining the Latino Business Association in Lynn, Jesenia was able to validate the quality of her juices by providing samples, and she also learned about EforAll Lynn and applied “right away.” 

After being accepted into the Accelerator Program, Jesenia said “It gave me a bigger perspective on my business. I got to see other people figure out their challenges, their motivations, and my classmates became my friends. I’ve got a lot of resources that are going to be for a lifetime.”

Today, Jesenia is pursuing her business full-time and just opened a retail space in Salem in October 2019.  According to Jesenia “I have a business now, it’s mind blowing because I had no capital, just anything I could scrape. Me having this business is insane!”

Asked what makes EforAll special to her, Jesenia said: “They highlight women of color, people of low-income.”