At 17 years old, Arlene Baldwin was diagnosed with alopecia. This inspired her to start a business selling high-quality lace wigs so individuals could feel confident and beautiful, even when experiencing hair loss. Over time, her company, Lace Layer, has expanded to include wig accessories that help make the wigs look more natural. 

Before applying for the Business Accelerator in Roxbury, all her business knowledge was self-taught. She hoped that EforAll could affirm that she was on the right path and help her make valuable connections. She loved getting to know her peers and mentors and sharing her experiences. The accelerator also helped her realize that her original business model was not sustainable, so she focused on a few core products instead of offering too much at once. 

Lace Layer sales have doubled since Arlene completed the accelerator. Arlene has managed to decrease costs, increase profits, and even launch two new products. According to Arlene, “EforAll has been a game changer for me. It’s like having a family; the learning experience has been amazing.”

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