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pure life soaps kay hernandez

Turning A Health Concern into a Successful Business

After becoming sick from a condition due to a hormone imbalance, Kay Hernandez started researching the effects of toxins and chemicals on our skin and our endocrine system. She decided to make her own handmade organic soaps, using essential oils and natural fragrances, and Pure Life Soaps was born.  

As a new business owner, she knew she had a lot to learn and was excited to hear about the Holyoke Winter 2020 Business Accelerator. “I had many fears and questions, and this program seemed the perfect tool to give me the push I needed to succeed,” she remembers.  

Besides all the marketing and sales knowledge she acquired, she said the program made her feel she belonged to a family, a supportive team she could always count on. EforAll has been an amazing networking outlet for me. I am constantly meeting new people, engaging in different events, and learning new things. I feel EforAll gave me the confidence to move forward with my business”. 

After completing the program, she launched a new site, offering her products at farmers’ markets and a café. The net result: her sales have tripled! According to Kay, “Because of EforAll, I have gained confidence and the tools necessary to succeed.  Most of all, I have met the most amazing people who are all willing to help you grow!”   

Instagram: @purelifesoaps