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This Venture Proves You Can Start a Business at Any Age!

During the pandemic, Rima Khan and her daughter sought a gift bag for her daughter’s 8th-grade teachers. They didn’t find anything they liked, so they decided to make their own “grown-up goodie bag” with products from local small businesses to help support the community. People loved it, and Hometown Herd was launched!

With no business background, Rima was very interested when she heard about the Buffalo Business Accelerator while visiting a local fair. She knew It would be the perfect opportunity to learn about all aspects of running her company. “I looked at EforAll as a way of learning business vocabulary, terms, and concepts that I needed,” she recalls. 

The camaraderie and bonding with her fellow entrepreneurs became her favorite part of the program. “It was very encouraging to have other people sharing their little wins or difficulties.”  She said her mentors had the perfect background to help her with her business, and the weekly meetings were essential to keep her on track. 

Throughout the program, she fine-tuned her target market and now sells her products on a business-to-business model, with many local real-state agencies as clients. Hometown Herd sales are up 40%, and she has found she is more efficient and can work fewer hours. “EforAll gave me the confidence I needed– at 50 years old–to start my business!” 

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