Sheryl Perlow’s two sons dared her to start selling her brownies, always a favorite of friends and family, after she lost her job in 2017. She spent half her days looking for a job and the other half trying to figure out how to sell a brownie. Landing a full-time sales job, she simultaneously certified her kitchen, created a brand, and began selling her Wicked Awesome Brownie.

With no business background, she applied for the 2018 Winter Business Accelerator in Lynn, MA, hoping to learn how to take her growing business to the next level. “I was overwhelmed, but nobody was going to do the work to grow my business but me.” 

She loved the camaraderie and being in the same place with other entrepreneurs working as hard as she was.  “I loved meeting smart and experienced people who didn’t make me feel small,” said Sheryl. 

Today Sheryl sells her delicious brownies to businesses, event planners, wholesale accounts, and online. From wedding welcome bags to corporate events, Wicked Awesome Brownies are enjoyed locally and shipped throughout the U.S.

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