Naseem Chatiwala is a licensed physical therapist with more than twenty years of experience as a physical therapist. She had dreams of starting her own clinic but didn’t know how to start. That’s when she heard about EforAll from a friend. Naseem was excited, saying, “It sounded like getting an accelerated MBA in three months and at no cost! It was all I needed!” 

Naseem applied for the Summer 2021 Lowell Business Accelerator, and by January 2022, her business – Rehab Health 360 – was open! Naseem credits a lot of her success to the program’s cohort model, which allowed her to brainstorm ideas with other entrepreneurs and get different perspectives. She loved working with her mentors and said they were very supportive and always had good advice.

Rehab Health 360, which provides physical therapy services for patients with neurologic deficits, launched strong, with twenty-two sessions booked in its first week. She currently has an average of one hundred sessions booked every month, and with the word-of-month in full throttle, she is getting 3-4 new patient inquiries each week. 

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