Growing up in Peru, Ethel Lazarte Gonzales would join her father as he traveled to small towns to offer free healthcare services to those in need. Ethel became a medical interpreter and moved to the U.S., where she realized the need for healthcare providers to learn Spanish to serve patients and their families better. In 2017, she founded Peruvian Immersion, which offers American medical students and health care professionals the opportunity to enjoy an authentic and well-rounded career, language, and cultural experience in Peruvian communities in need.  

When the pandemic hit, travel restrictions forced Ethel to pause her business. She took this time to join the Fall 2021 Business Accelerator in Longmont, CO, to enhance her business skills. “I needed the support and push to continue with my business during those hard times,” she recalls. 

Ethel says that being in a cohort with other passionate entrepreneurs committed to working together to learn and grow was an enriching experience. And for her, a favorite class was Accounting, as it showed her what she needed to do in order to make her business profitable. 

Peruvian Immersion is planning for a big 2022. The goal is to double the travel group’s size and the local activities once in Peru. Ethel is also in talks with four universities to form partnerships. “EforAll nurtured me with the support, connections, and knowledge to identify my best growth strategy and how to achieve it best,” she said.   

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