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This Online Marketing Agency Continues to Thrive

Susu Wong worked in corporate America for many years with a focus on technology and marketing. In late 2012 she decided it was about time to start her own company and founded Tomo360⁰, a one-stop online marketing agency offering services like website design and social media strategic planning. 

She knew she needed help to get herself organized without business experience, so she decided to apply to the EforAll Lowell Winter 2014 Business Accelerator, hoping to network and learn how to get customers through the door.  “Entrepreneurship can be a very lonely journey, so I was happy to meet new people, go to classes, and have mentors.”

Not surprisingly, her favorite part of the program was having weekly meetings with her mentors, telling them what she was planning, getting their feedback, and having someone to guide her throughout the process. 

Tomo360⁰ is now a thriving, nine-year-old business with more than 60 active clients. It is recognized as a Minority and Women Business Enterprise and a supplier to the State of Massachusetts.  And Susu couldn’t be happier, saying, “EforAll helped me get to know the local community, meeting mentors and local professionals, who I still talk to nowadays. EforAll became an extended family for me!”

Instagram: @insta_tomo360                            Facebook: /Tomo360