The Lowell Litter Krewe is a non-profit that creates and supports volunteer opportunities, focused on the redevelopment of under-utilized spaces in the city of Lowell. It was founded by Brad Buitenhuys, who was inspired by the work done by the Lowell Canalwater Cleaners.  

When he applied for the Summer 2021 Business Accelerator, his organization was doing a few events per month and had a lot of community support.  But Brad knew he knew he needed to learn much more to get the organization where he wanted it to be. He says, “I wanted a network of people I could share ideas with and learn from.”  

Not surprisingly, the connection with the cohort, mentors, and the entire EforAll family became his favorite part of the Accelerator program. In addition, the classes helped him put a cohesive business plan together and communicate his mission better. 

Lowell Litter Krewe just celebrated its first anniversary and is proud to say they have over 450 volunteers who have dedicated 4.000+ hours to beautifying Lowell – including the removal of more than 120.000 pounds of trash!. Brad recently secured a $300.000 grant from the state and is looking forward to an even more beautiful Lowell in 2022. 

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