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This New Business Teaches Kids About More than Just Sports

Luis Ojeda always had a passion for sports, and his wife and business partner, Teju Richardson, always believed that education is key to our development.  Together they opened TLK Sports, a place that offers youth clinics and sports-focused programs, to teach student-athletes the importance of academics, teamwork, and relationship building. 

When Luis heard about the EforAll Greater Worcester Winter 2021 Business Accelerator, he thought it would be an excellent opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and leading a strong business. “We wanted help to build a financially sound organization and ensure sustainable business growth,” recalls Teju. 

When asked about how EforAll helped them the most, Luis and Teja both said: “The most important takeaway was to focus on what you can do as an organization and not what your competitors are doing. That’s what’s going to bring you to where you need to be!”

Despite opening during the pandemic, TLK Sports already has had more than 300 participants enrolled in their programs and clinics and has been steadily growing! And Luis is thrilled, “I would definitely recommend EforAll to anybody who has a dream of opening a business but not necessarily the educational background.”

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