Confidence can be a challenge for a lot of entrepreneurs who need to be comfortable pitching  their business to potential customers, funders and partners. For Alexcelin Saldana, founder of Star Dancers’ Unity, this was a definite challenge. “I was kind of insecure and shy, I didn’t want to brag about myself. But EforAll taught me to make sure I was always pitching! It built my confidence and gave me the ability to be a little more daring.” 

Joining a cohort of entrepreneurs during the one-year Accelerator also helped Alexcelin. “At first it was nerve wracking, then when I got comfortable they became a family.  It was really good to see other entrepreneurs going through the same thing as me and knowing that I’m not alone.” 

Today, Star Dancers’ Unity offers new classes such as break-dance, contemporary and zumba along with group and private dance lessons and choreography for weddings and quinceañeras. Alexcelin feels even more connected to the local community as a result of his EforAll experience saying “I have the ability to collaborate with more schools and community organizations and I’ve expanded my connections.”