Sarah Hassett had been a licensed nail technician for eleven years before going to college to study hospitality. When the pandemic struck, she lost her hospitality job and decided to go back to her true passion: nails. In 2021, she opened Mobile Manicures by Sarah

Like many entrepreneurs, Sarah says she “had no idea how to start my business. I needed help to make it official.”  So she was very excited when she heard about the Winter 2021 Holyoke Business Accelerator program and all the resources and training it could provide her.  

While Sarah loved the first twelve weeks of intensive business classes, she was thrilled to have the ongoing support of her mentors once classes ended, including helping her find new ways to market her service and keeping her on track to take her business to the next level. According to Sarah,   “They supported me through the ups and downs of the first year of my business, which is very challenging.”  

Sarah’s business continues to expand, enabling her to hire a team of nail technician contractors to help at events she has booked over the rest of 2022. She remains team EforAll all the way! “EforAll walked me through everything, step-by-step. What to do regarding taxes, marketing, every  little aspect that goes into building a successful business was covered.” 

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