Jessika Rozki was a bus driver for 15 years and loved it, but after her baby girl was born, she wanted to be more present in her early years. She decided to launch Rozki Rides, a transportation service for families, to go to and from school/daycare to doctor appointments or sports activities. It was the perfect solution for Jessika to continue driving while providing the increased flexibility she needed.  

And yet, she felt like she was running around in circles after opening her business until she heard about EforAll’s Winter 2020 Accelerator Program in Holyoke. Jessika believed the support of mentors and all the different classes, from finance to marketing, would be perfect for taking her business to the next level. But it was honestly the support of fellow entrepreneurs in the program that really helped her.  “Being surrounded by other people who were going through the same thing, sharing their stories and challenges was great! Having this support system was very important for me”. 

Since she has graduated from EforAll, Jessica has expanded her business to work with local foster care agencies and is already adding a second driver to her team.

2024 update: Jessika grew her fleet and now has 6 School Buses and 6 vans with 8 employees!!

Facebook: /RozkiRides       Instagram: @rozkirides