There’s an ancient Japanese tradition where you give a thousand origami cranes to a seriously ill person to wish for their recovery. A Thousand Cranes studio offers in-person and online virtual classes in reiki, taichi, and qi gong. It was founded in 2019 after Leda Elliott discovered she had cancer and her husband of 20 years decided to leave her. She realized she would have to turn her hobby into a business to provide for her family, but she had no idea how to get started.

Leda applied to EforAll Lynn’s summer 2021 Business Accelerator program on the recommendation of a friend who had already completed the program. Leda credits EforAll’s financial projections class as an important step in her entrepreneurial journey, saying it “switched a lightbulb in her head,” helping her understand what she needed to do to reach her goals.

Her favorite part of the program was the mentorship. Her mentors had different personalities that complemented each other, being rigid and strict but loving and supportive, keeping her accountable and moving on. “Having people that you can regularly check in with was outstanding!”  

Today, A Thousand Cranes has over 100 people subscribing to its courses and training every week. And Leda is driving great engagement on social media, with more than six thousand followers on Instagram and a hundred thousand views on Youtube.

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