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This Food Cart Delivers More than Just Good Food

Justin Amevor was still in college when he decided to open Doughboyz, a breakfast catering start-up serving the Worcester community. More than just a food cart, it is sustainably designed.  The truck runs on electricity, the food is affordably priced and he works to hire a diverse staff.  

He met EforAll at a local networking event where he learned about the upcoming  Winter 2020 Lowell Business Accelerator.  He decided to apply right away as he wanted to pursue his business and could use any help. “I was looking forward to having mentors, having people supporting my business idea. I also needed to grow my professional network,” he recalls. 

Despite not having food industry experience, his mentors helped and supported him. “They helped me take the first step into understanding my finances. They were awesome! I still meet them every once in a while.”

Since graduating from EforAll, his business has been steadily growing. He now has four part-time employees and has provided six catering services to events in the past five months. “I recommend EforAll to anyone who has a business idea, especially if they’re not sure about it. The business accelerator can help you understand what it takes to get things going,” said Justin. 

Instagram: @doughbyz                                Facebook: /doughboyzfs