Diego Montemayor was introduced to the entrepreneurial world and mindset by his father. He always believed that working for yourself and creating something from the ground up was the ultimate success in life. Diego took it a little further as he wanted a business that could positively impact his community, especially during the pandemic. In 2020 he co-founded Chamba, an app that connects companies of any size to the Latinx workforce in the USA. 

When he learned about the Longmont CO Summer 2020 Business Accelerator, he thought it would help him understand the ropes of growing his recently founded company and was looking forward to meeting with similar-minded individuals. “I wanted to find and connect with a community of people who also had big missions to create an impact on the world through entrepreneurship,” he recalls. 

At the end of the program, he was thankful for the startup community he met and his mentor team. “My mentors guided me through the process of building a company. They were committed to my growth and always open to answering my questions to the best of their knowledge,” said Diego. 

Chamba now has more than 60.000 app users with a steady monthly growth of 22%. They are in the process of expanding their community reach with plans to offer a website with the same app functionalities soon that will assist even more Latinx job seekers. 

Instagram/Facebook: @chambalatina