Kalpana Kethineedi always enjoyed the comfort of eating fresh, healthy home-cooked meals. In late 2020 she found herself working long hours and relying on frozen food and take-out. She decided to start cooking some quick one-pot meals for those busy days. After the great response she got from friends and family eating these delicious meals, she realized she had a business idea on her hands. Kay’s Curries brings traditional Indian ready-to-cook meal kits where all you need to do is add water and cook it for 20 minutes. 

She presented her business idea at an EforAll Lynn Pitch Contest and won 1st prize! The next step was to join Lynn’s Summer 2021 Business Accelerator, where she was looking forward to learning how to turn her idea into a profitable business. ”I was looking for resources, mentorship, and accountability to be on track. After researching EForAll, I decided to apply”.

Her favorite parts of the program were the relationships she built with her cohort and the support they offered to each other, combined with the constant support she got from her mentors. “They were fantastic. I felt energized, inspired, and motivated after every mentor meeting!” she recalls. 

Since graduating from the program, Kay’s Curries has been growing steadily. It can be found in five retail stores in MA, and it is shipping products all over the US. It has also been featured on a TV show and highlighted on Boston Business Woman’s site. 

And Kay couldn’t be happier. She says,  “EForAll provided the necessary resources, the structure, and the mentorship to get me there. And most importantly, it’s all for free. The prize I won was a cherry on top since I bootstrapped my business.”

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