Jehu Leconte was the director of a homeless shelter when he came to the realization that the families needed more than just a roof, they needed tools, skills, and resources to remove themselves from homelessness permanently. EDEN,  (Empowered and Dedicated to Edify the Nation) provides an intervention and stabilization program that helps families set and achieve goals necessary for well-being, self-development, and sustained economic stability, including maintaining and growing family net resources. 

When he applied for the Winter 2021 Roxbury Business Accelerator, he was just starting EDEN and didn’t have much direction or know where he wanted to be. “I needed guidance. Being a non-profit is not easy, and I needed to build a foundation for my organization”, he said. 

While Jehu is thrilled by the business resources and seed funding he received through EforAll, he considers the mentorship to be his favorite part of the program. With different backgrounds and expertise, his mentors complemented each other. “All they said, you look at yourself one year later, it came to fruition. Everything we have accomplished is thanks to them.”

In its first year of operation, EDEN has already served fifty-two families, secured additional funding and has ten advisory board members. The future is bright, and Jehu looks forward to serving even more local families.   

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