PureSpark was born out of founder Nieisha Deed’s passion for helping others. It seeks to cultivate the mental wellness culture Nieisha craved when she was severely depressed a few years ago. PureSpark provides resources, including a provider directory, as well as daily coping mechanisms. She is particularly interested in serving women of color unfamiliar with the mental wellness system. 

She learned about EforAll’s Business Accelerator in Roxbury after meeting some alumni who shared their journey with her. “They all have pretty successful businesses, so I thought I should apply for it and learn how to take my business to the next level!”

She loved the opportunity to network and build meaningful relationships with her fellow entrepreneurs. In fact, the cohort still connects, collaborates, and shares their struggles regularly. “The entrepreneurial journey can be very lonely, but EforAll connects you to people that really understand what you’re going through.”  

Today, Nieisha is thrilled with her progress. She continues to do speaking engagements and says Pure Spark has been steadily growing the number of providers in its directory. With an upcoming marketing campaign about to launch, Nieisha expects the number of providers to grow a lot more. “If it weren’t for Eforall, I would have never met so many wonderful entrepreneurs in my community.”

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