Deluxe Barbers is a mother-daughter run business that specializes in custom haircuts and hot lather shaves. Teresa Shaheen had been running the salon for nine years when she applied for the Winter 2020 EforAll Accelerator Program in Longmont, CO. According to Teresa, “Many people can start a business, but not everyone is equipped to run it for the long haul.  I thought EforAll might help me to fill in some of the blanks and to help me streamline my business practices.” 

With the support of her EforAll mentors and her fellow entrepreneurs, Teresa took a long, hard look at her business. She made some crucial changes such as cutting costs, reducing her service offerings, and focusing on what she does best.  Teresa says, “Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, we are now perfectly positioned for what our community needs.”

For Teresa, EforAll helped her in ways she wasn’t expecting. She learned how to speak up and ask questions. She was encouraged to dig further into things and was part of a group that always pulled each other to the top. According to Teresa, “EforAll helped me to uncover the heart of my business. It’s a way for ordinary people to find their way to extraordinary.”