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This Business Supports Moms When They Need It Most

Soraya dos Santos believes modern life and technology has taken us further away from our primal instinct and ways of caring for each other. She founded Maternal Nurturing Collective to support mothers, from preconception until postpartum, through healing and nurturing services based on a spiritually centered holistic approach. 

Soraya decided to apply for the Summer 2019 South Coast Accelerator after participating in a Pitch Contest, encouraged by a good friend who graduated from the program the prior year. Soraya notes, “I knew I wanted to bring my idea, this service to the community, and the only way of doing it was to turn it into a business. But I needed help to do it!”

According to Soraya, the best part of the program was the amazing people she connected with. “The cohort and the mentors were an incredible supporting community that held one another.” 

Since completing the Accelerator program, Soraya has doubled her client base, is just about to launch a new website, and plans to offer new maternal support services, including workshops. 

Facebook: /maternalnuturingcollective