Thaisha Guerrier turned to meditation to cope with a challenging period in her life. She found a great deal of peace and tranquility with candle meditation. When the pandemic struck, she began creating and selling her own candles, and The Journey Within was born.

While doing a pop-up event, she learned about the Lynn Business Accelerator and decided to apply. “I required guidance on general information regarding starting a business and the necessary forms to be filled out. The mentorship caught my attention because they could offer advice tailored to my business,” she remembers.  

She loved the sessions with her mentors and credits them with giving her the confidence to start her business. Getting to know the other entrepreneurs in the cohort, whom she calls her “business family,” made her realize she wasn’t alone and gave her the strength to continue. 

Since completing the program, her sales have increased by over 100% YoY. She hosts around two monthly pop-up events and sells her products online and at local stores. “EforAll gave me confidence. Now, I have the knowledge and the resources to run a business. I can always reach out to the people I met through the program,” says Thaisha. 

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