With the launch of The Recovery Room, Berkshire County residents can access sports treatments that were previously only available to professional athletes. Founder Christina Meucci used her 15 years of experience in sports medicine and luxury spa work to make these exclusive and typically expensive treatments accessible and affordable for everyday athletes.

She had been running her business for two years when she decided to apply for the Fall 2022 Business Accelerator. “I was transitioning from part-time to full-time and needed help understanding how to run my business properly and set it for success,” recalls Christina. 

In addition to her classroom education, Christina credits her mentors for playing a crucial role in shaping her leadership style and creating a positive work environment for her team. “My mentors were my biggest cheerleaders,” she affirms. 

Since graduating from EforAll, The Recovery Room has expanded its portfolio and now offers a membership plan. Christina now has seven employees, and she couldn’t be happier, “The resources I got from EforAll have been so helpful in growing my business, and I wouldn’t be here without it.”

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