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This Baker is Dreaming Big in Buffalo

A couple of years ago, Latoya Pointer’s daughter asked her for a guitar-shaped birthday cake. She went to many bakeries but couldn’t find anyone to make this cake so she decided to do it herself. It was a hit! Her friends started to ask her to make their kids’ birthday cakes, and Bee Sweet Cakery was born. 

When she was opening her cakery, she heard about EforAll’s Business Accelerator and decided to apply.  “I needed guidance and direction. I had no idea how to run a business,” recalls Latoya.   

She loved learning about running her own company, but the cohort itself was her favorite part of the program. Meeting other entrepreneurs, who became friends she could call on good and bad days,  was really helpful to Latoya. Her mentors made the EforAll experience even better. “They were always there for me, supporting me, showing up at my events. They were 100% dedicated to my success!”

Since graduating from the program, Bee Sweet Cakery has been steadily growing.  Latoya sells Bee Sweet products in two different Buffalo stores. She has participated in the local Restaurant Week and partnered with a party planner to provide catering for her events. “EforAll took the fear out of entrepreneurship. It gave me the self-confidence to see myself as the CEO of my company,” says Latoya.  

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