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Things are Smooth for this Aspiring Entrepreneur

After years of struggling with her own hair care journey, founder Dr. Ellana Stinson decided to take matters into her own hands. Her degree in chemistry helped as she began experimenting with high-quality ingredients to create a product that would combat her dry, brittle hair. In 2021 she started Sáfo Hair, a line of clean, non-toxic hair and scalp products.

She had the first products ready when she heard about the Greater Worcester Winter 2021 Business Accelerator program and thought it would be the perfect tool to help her launch her business. “I didn’t know anything about business plans, financial modeling, or sales. I had a product ready to sell, but I needed help!” she recalls.

Being part of a cohort with fifteen other entrepreneurs, sharing their experiences, and supporting each other, was her favorite part of the program. She also credits her mentors with keeping her accountable, moving forward, and becoming more confident about herself and her business.  “Their expertise fits well with the holes and gaps that I had in my knowledge.” 

Sáfo Hair is looking to officially launch in May 2021 but is already taking advance orders. 

Facebook: /safohair      Instagram: @safohair