Sol Daisy Wellness, a mobile and in-studio massage business run by the dynamic duo of Angelina Jimenez and Anibeliz Marquez, makes it easy for clients to find tranquility. The idea blossomed from their shared passion for massage therapy and a desire to escape their unfulfilling jobs. Their entrepreneurial journey was missing only one thing: the business knowledge to make their dream a reality.

Initially hesitant due to their busy schedules, Angelina and Anibeliz applied for the Merrimack Valley Business Accelerator once they saw that classes would be online and the program was zero cost. “It was just our time,” says Anibeliz, highlighting the program’s accessibility. Their expectations were simple: to learn the fundamentals of running a business, from finances and marketing to website creation.

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals, both early-stage and experienced entrepreneurs, provided invaluable support and encouragement. “It was like a little family,” says Angelina, reflecting on the camaraderie they found within their cohort. They credit EforAll with providing the tools and confidence needed to officially launch Soll Daisy Wellness and charge fees that reflect their true worth.   

Their hard work is paying off. After graduating, they moved from a spare bedroom at their house to have their own studio space. The number of clients has grown 4x in less than a year, and they can proudly say they are a profitable business.

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