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Taking The Leap into Entrepreneurship is Paying Off for this Venture

Cyan Lens Media is a production agency looking to push the boundaries of what can be done for small and medium businesses. After years of studying and working with photo and video production, Noah Arnold felt ready to take the leap and start his own agency.  He wanted it to be the company he always wanted to work for. 

When he heard about the Winter 2021 Business Accelerator in Greater Worcester, he was a little skeptical about it but decided to apply anyway. “It sounded too good to be true! But after the second class, I realized that it was actually a phenomenal program, really looking to grow the entrepreneur scene in the community!”

For Noah, his conversations with his mentors and the industry experts who taught the classes were priceless. “These were people I would never run across day-by-day. They gave me insights I would never think about.  They know business stuff I never thought about asking. It completely changed the direction of my business.“ 

One of his favorite parts of the program was the final presentations. He said he loved seeing the result of weeks of hard work, how much the entrepreneurs have grown and how their businesses have evolved.  

Since graduating, Cyan Lens has inaugurated a 1,200 square feet studio and will open a second one. With more space, they’re getting their name in the market and getting more clients. “If it weren’t for EforAll, we wouldn’t have a studio; we wouldn’t be here right now. We’re very thankful for them,” said Noah.

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