Frustrated with his community’s limited food delivery options, Ryan Caton teamed up with high school friends from the “Whaling City”, Will Gilmour and Justin Baker to deliver reliable, fast delivery from popular restaurants in the Greater New Bedford area. 

To help make this business succeed, Ryan and his co-founders decided to apply to the free EforAll Business Accelerator program in the Fall River/New Bedford area.  According to Ryan, it was “an amazing experience that we couldn’t pass up.” Just one week after completing the one-year Accelerator, GotChew was up and running. 

The business began with a few orders a day and quickly grew to 10-20 orders per day with eight drivers. Today, they are averaging 1,300 weekly orders with 59 drivers, offering their service to six South Coast  communities, and their revenue has quadrupled. 

Ryan continues to credit the support GotChew got from EforAll as crucial to their success and says “Without EforAll,  I don’t know if we’d even be a business right now.”

We are pleased to share that since the COVID-19 pandemic, GotChew has increased its number of partner restaurants and is now averaging 2,100 weekly orders. They’ve also created 27 delivery driver jobs to keep up with demand.