EforAll seeks a Social Media Manager who is skilled in conceptualizing and expressing ideas across multiple platforms.
Capable of inspiring the community and stakeholders, the Social Media Manager will be an exceptional communicator who
understands the impact of social media. This is a great position if you are confident in your abilities to deliver structured
campaigns and gently guide others to present a unified voice with a consistent message. The ideal candidate will be excited to
join a growing organization and have a role in creating messaging that engages a wide variety of constituents to rally around a
mission that lifts communities up from the inside.

The Position: The Social Media Manager serves to bring the mission of EforAll to a diverse collective of online audiences present
across social media channels including entrepreneurs, volunteers, donors and communities. The Social Media Manager achieves this by
overseeing creative content, tracking community engagement for trends and developing effective publishing strategies. As the chief
conductor of the organization’s social media programs and platform, the Social Media Manager is equipped to implement strong
communication strategies, embrace collaboration and be independently driven in content and brand management.

Communication Strategy: The Social Media Manager is a versatile communicator both online and in their professional relationships. It
is their responsibility to confidently and effectively convey the messages and overall image of EforAll through a balanced content creation
process with the goal of engaging stakeholders.

· Provide support for national and all local office social media accounts including but not limited to Facebook,
Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
· Develop and successfully execute social media strategy that clearly and consistently seeks to promote brand
awareness while cultivating positive community reactions.
· Create and deliver social media content through strong visual / written interpretation, storytelling and mission-driven content design.
· Produce appropriate social media content to appeal to English and Spanish-speaking constituents and unique
audiences, including but not limited to, entrepreneurs, volunteers and donors.
· Possess working knowledge surrounding paid social networking
· Research social media trends and observe changes relevant to company marketing activities to report to
· Establish and maintain EforAll’s overall Social Media strategy and calendar.

Collaboration: EforAll staff are proud and active members of the communities they serve. In serving multiple online communities on behalf
of EforAll, the Social Media Manager is an expert collaborator, who establishes professional relationships with EforAll site staff in order to
actively grow social network visibility.

· Promote and reinforce brand standards, internally with all staff, through awareness and education.
· Function as an expert resource, mentor and effective communicator for the organization regarding matters related to
Social Media engagement.
· Work closely with site staff and colleagues to create and maintain consistent and appropriate postings in online

Content and Brand Management: The Social Media Manager is responsible for establishing and managing the online content
associated with EforAll’s brand. By creating, maintaining and drafting social media content across high traffic platforms, the Social Media Manager is knowledgeable of the trends and strategies that will work best for the content they post.

· Evaluate the organization’s current social media strategies and tactics in order to suggest content and creative
strategies across social media platforms, offering visually compelling, on-brand content that promotes effective social
media interaction and engagement.
· Oversee community engagement, interaction and feedback through consistent online dialogue
· Identify and analyze online community engagement data, trends and content traffic to maintain social media best
practices and develop a strategy.
· Set key performance indicators (KPIs) for social media campaigns and measure campaign’s performance against
· Curate social media platforms to capture brand, amplify voice and maintain consistency across channels.
· Create “best practices” templates and graphics using platforms such as Canva to aid in the development of social
media content.

Minimum Requirements:

· Excellent written and oral communication skills in both English and Spanish.
· Demonstrated ability to collaborate with colleagues.
· 4-5 years of experience in social media management and content development preferred.

Skills and Abilities:

· Tech-savvy with strong knowledge of video conferencing, social media networks, and comfortable learning and
implementing software such as Canva and HeyOrca.
· Excellent time management and strong work ethic.
· Self-starter with the ability to juggle multiple projects.
· Passionate about startups and entrepreneurship.
· Well-organized and capable of establishing priorities.

Job Type: Full-time, Remote

Hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM.

Reports To: Chief Marketing Officer 


  • Health insurance.      ● Health reimbursement
  • Dental insurance       ● Disability insurance
  • Vision insurance.       ● Life insurance
  • Paid time off              ● Flexible spending account

EforAll provides equal opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic disposition, neurodiversity, disability, veteran status, or any other protected category under federal, state and local law.

Send resume and cover letter with salary requirements to hiring@eforall.org