Megan Cash has been passionate about hair coloring and experimenting with her appearance since the third grade! When the pandemic hit, she had just graduated from Cosmetology school. With time on her hands, she decided to open Solstice Salon, an independently run salon focused on modern blonding, creative color, and extensions, with a heavy emphasis on sustainability and conscious consumerism. 

When she heard about the Northwest Arkansas Business Accelerator program, she thought it sounded too good to be true. She applied to gain confidence and learn how to manage her recently opened salon. “Every entrepreneur has strengths and weaknesses, and if I could sharpen my skills in any area of my business to further launch it into success, why wouldn’t I?” recalls Megan. 

She said bonding with the cohort and being able to bounce ideas off each other, collaborating, and networking was extremely inspiring. The support from her mentors and the EforAll team made her feel she was surrounded by information, guidance, and help whenever she needed it. Megan couldn’t be happier, saying, “It took a lot of weight off my shoulders and helped me understand that I wasn’t alone on this journey.”

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