Kreative Gestures is a design studio specializing in laser-engraved goods and gifts. The business started as a hobby when Karina Calderon began making things for friends and family to relieve stress during the pandemic. Her friends began to post it on social media, and soon, she was receiving a lot of inquiries about the products. 

Karina was familiar with EforAll through her work at a non-profit organization focusing on economic development in Lawrence, MA. Although she had a business degree, she applied for the Merrimack Valley Business Accelerator program to learn how to properly shape and manage her own business. 

Since completing the program, Karina and Aimee, her daughter and business partner, have been working on rebranding and increasing their social media presence. “I always tell entrepreneurs that they should do EforAll. The relationships you build and the network are super valuable,” said Karina.  

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