Shanita Clarke is the Founder & CEO of a luxury hair salon and natural hair and body product line, Salvaged Roots Hair and Beauty, Inc, that she established in 2019.  She was introduced to EforAll by her friend and the Executive Director of EforAll Roxbury, Kofi Callender.  She is proud to be a two-time EforAll Roxbury mentor.


What made you want to become a mentor?

I chose to become a mentor for EforAll because I think it is an amazing program that provides a transformative experience for entrepreneurs.  I also became a mentor because I believe I have a lot of wisdom to share and firsthand knowledge of the entrepreneurial journey as I built my brand for years before I expanded into a brick-and-mortar. 

Is there a specific mentoring experience that you are most proud of?

I am most proud of my recent mentor experience because I was able to see how much confidence our entrepreneur gained from the beginning to the final pitch.  

What is your favorite part of being an EforAll mentor?

My favorite part of being an EforAll mentor is being able to help someone find the confidence and direction to push forward in their business.  It’s an experience I wish I had when starting, but I am extremely grateful to provide for someone else.  I also love seeing the progress and final pitches because it is inspiring to see the entrepreneurs showcase their work and passion for their dreams.

What do you think makes EforAll special?

I think the genuine care of the mentors and staff makes EforAll special.  They provide so much educational content, but they also take time for self-care and communication when anyone feels overwhelmed or just needs someone to talk to.

What advice would you have for entrepreneurs?
My advice for entrepreneurs is to stay focused and take care of themselves.  You will feel overwhelmed at times, but you will make it through if you stick with it and communicate what you are feeling.  From the network of cohorts to your mentors and EforAll staff. It’s important to know that there is always someone who will make time for you and the journey to entrepreneurship does not have to be a lonely one.


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