After years of working in the healing arts social services, Jacquelyn Smith and Jessica Xavier met Andres Hincapie during reiki sessions. They quickly realized they shared a common dream – creating a safe and welcoming space for informal healing sessions and conversations. Combining their unique backgrounds, they opened Thrive Tribe Cafe in Rhode Island, serving vegan comfort food alongside a range of metaphysical supplies, including crystals, cards, and books.

In their search for resources to help their small business, they discovered EforAll and applied to the Rhode Island Winter 2023 Business Accelerator program to gain knowledge about running a business, particularly within the food industry, and to broaden their network. They credit their mentors with playing a crucial role in their journey, challenging them with tough questions, offering fresh viewpoints, and holding them responsible. 

2023 has already proven to be a great year, with the cafe successfully expanding its hours, opening a second location, and hiring three new employees. The trio is delighted with their progress, saying, “EforAll helped us focus on the areas we overlooked. Our mentors were always available to assist us whenever we took major steps.”

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