Sarah Mason knows all about EforAll as she is not just a Mentor but also a graduate of the EforAll Business Accelerator program and an EforAll Pitch Contest participant.  She first learned about EforAll at the LoveLocal fest in New Bedford where she was an artisan promoting her Cape inspired polish line and mobile nail salon (Cape Cod Nail Company).  

How long have you been a Mentor for EforAll 

I started mentoring in the Cape Spring 2018 Accelerator and will mentor again in Fall 2018.

How did you first hear about EforAll?  

I had just launched my polish line and had a table set up at the LoveLocal Fest Holiday Edition.  Christin Marshall approached me, asked a few questions about my business and mentioned EforAll. We ended up meeting for coffee, chatted about each others businesses and she told me a bit more about EforAll…I looked into it and applied for the pitch contest!

Did you go through the EforAll Business Accelerator program?  Tell us more!

I went through the EforAll South Coast 2018 Summer Accelerator.  Cape Cod Nail Co. is a mobile nail salon + Cape inspired polish line. I had seen significant growth of my business but didn’t really know how to handle it or organize it to keep moving forward smoothly.  I had no systems in place, was working all our events…I got stuck. EforAll forced me to take a step back and see it from the top. It gave me confidence, got me out of my comfort zone, helped me develop public speaking and presenting skills, and connected me with an amazing community of like minded entrepreneurs. 

How many startups have you mentored?

EforAll Cape Cod Spring 2019 is the first time I’ve ever officially been a “mentor”.  I have so many friends that have their own businesses, I always offer help to anyone I meet. I’ve met a handful of friends and entrepreneurs for coffee (we also love business beach dates!) to swap ideas and network.  I love seeing others succeed and love problem solving. I’m huge into collaborating and strongly believe in community over competition.

 Is there a specific Mentor experience you are most proud of?

Caitlin (Beauty by Caitlin)  is super smart and driven, and talented in her field. It’s just been amazing to watch her company grow.  She won award money at her first quarterly, I was super happy for her. I’m grateful to be apart of her team and have learned just as much from her as I may have helped her along the way.

What made you want to become a Mentor?

I love seeing others succeed. It’s super motivating and pushes me in my own business. I got so much out of the program it was a no brainer to stay connected.  

What is your favorite part of being an EforAll Mentor?

I love the community EforAll builds around its programs.  It’s a great network, the events are fun, I always meet interesting people and learn about all kinds of different businesses.  Not only are you connected to the entrepreneurs, it builds a strong network of other mentors and professionals in different industries.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?

Trust the process.  Stay true to yourself.  Don’t get distracted by the noise around you.

What do you think makes EforAll special?

The community for sure.  EforAll brings people together in a unique way!

Anything else you want to add?

Thanks so much for the work EforAll is doing in our communities.  It’s been so rewarding, being an entrepreneur in the program and as a mentor, but seeing the value EforAll has added to the community and its growth on the Cape has been really cool.