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Pitch Contests

Contest Overview

Fast-paced, fun community events that help early-stage entrepreneurs gain valuable exposure and feedback on a business idea. Great opportunity to network, validate a business idea, and compete to win a cash prize. It is free for entrepreneurs to apply and free for all to attend.

The program is also offered in Spanish in many of our communities. Leer en español

Primary Benefits

  • Absolutely no cost to participate.
  • Open to everyone.
  • Excellent way to validate a business idea and get feedback.
  • Great opportunity to meet and network with local business owners and leaders as well as potential customers.
  • Enables entrepreneurs to enhance their presentation skills in a friendly environment.
  • Opportunities to win cash prizes to help get a business started!

How It Works

EforAll’s Pitch Contests are lively two hour events that offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their business ideas with a friendly audience.

  • A pre-selected group of Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to pitch their idea to the audience including a group of judges and also set up a table to showcase their product/service. A pitch must be no longer than 2.5 minutes.
  • After the pitches, the judges will award three of the four cash prizes while the audience will vote on who will win the fourth cash prize.
  • NOTE: A group of entrepreneurs who are not selected to pitch will get an opportunity to set up a table to showcase their business idea. Attendees will vote to see if one of these entrepreneurs will also get the opportunity to pitch their idea

Who Should Apply

EforAll Pitch Contests are open to all individuals in or near an EforAll community at no cost.

Contests are open to people who are in the business idea stage, people who are looking to take a hobby to the next level, or those looking to pivot and grow an existing business. Business ideas across a wide range of industries are encouraged.

The Application Process

Upcoming Pitch Contests

If the community nearest to you doesn’t have an application posted, email info@eforall.org to find out about the next Pitch Contest.

Upcoming Pitch Contests


A: A: You should live in or near the community where the program is being offered, even if it is held virtually.

A: With only 2.5 minutes to present an idea, entrepreneurs need to keep their pitch high-level and concise. EforAll hosts free Pitch Contest workshops to help entrepreneurs prepare for their pitch presentation. As each pitch is only 2.5 minutes, it is important to know what judges are (and are not) looking for you to cover which is covered in this workshop.

A: All applicants will receive feedback from EforAll volunteers who review each application and help the EforAll staff make participant decisions. Those who pitch at the event will also receive real-time feedback from onsite judges.

A: EofAll judges come from all industries and are considered leaders in the local community. Their job is to provide all pitchers with valuable feedback about how they can move their business forward but they also decide who wins prize money.

A: Tabling is a great way to present a business idea to attendees as it offers a great opportunity to make connections. In fact, EforAll has had participants start partnerships and even land their first customers during a Pitch Contest.

Secondly, tablers still have an opportunity to get in front of judges by either being selected as the “audience choice” table or winning the random “wild card” table drawing

A: Yes. Anyone who pitches is eligible to win some cash money. The judges will award three cash prizes while the audience votes on who will get the fourth cash prize.