Veganish Foodies is a lifestyle brand focused on providing healthy alternatives to familiar foods. Co-founders Lamont Stuckey and India Russell say,  “We’re in a food desert and there’s only one plant-based restaurant in our area. We were on our journeys like lots of people who wanted to eat healthier but were afraid of going on a diet or being healthy. So many people are unaware of the alternatives out there.” 

Before applying to the EforAll Holyoke Accelerator Program, Lamont and India admit, “We were going in many directions. We were an existing business with an online presence, we had an e-book, we were working on creating a book of menus. EforAll helped us to focus on one business.” That business was Everythang Sauce, the sauce that goes on everything. 

“Our Mentors helped us focus more on trying to push the sauce.” And that focus has led Lamont and India to sell over 800 bottles of Everythang Sauce. They’ve also secured a bottle manufacturer, a commercial kitchen, and a catering license. “At the start it was just an idea, to make a product that we could sell.” 

Looking back, Lamont and India say “EforAll is life-changing, it’s one of those programs where you can go in not knowing what you want to do, and they can help you. EforAll is a great resource in the middle of our community that helped us to hone in on a segment of our business that we didn’t even know.”