The passion for starting your own business can start at a young age, as it did for Shianne Costa. She was just 21 years old when she applied to the EforAll South Coast Business Accelerator program to pursue her dream of developing her own organic skincare line.  

Once in the program, Shianne was thrilled. “Meeting all the other business owners and entrepreneurs made me feel closer to my community and appreciate it even more. It was very inspiring.” 

But like many startups, Shianne continued to grow and evolve her business and ultimately realized that her true passion was her side gig: doing brows. And so, she pivoted to open The Cozy Crib, a self-care beauty house offering brow treatments and top-tier nail services. 

Her hard work and ability to remain open to change have paid off. Cozy Crib is typically booked out for a month, and she is on track to earn revenues in the six figures in 2022. For Shianne, EforAll was a game-changer in her entrepreneurial journey, saying, “EforAll allowed me to keep dreaming and gave me hope to achieve my dreams. It gave me the self-confidence to start a business.”  

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