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Natural Juices Provide Health and Business Benefits!

Derek Duran-Elmudesi became interested in the benefits of natural juices when his stepfather got sick and started drinking them as part of his health routine. Inspired by his stepfather’s recovery, Derek decided to start a side business selling his all-natural cold-pressed juices to his coworkers. When Covid hit, and he lost his job, he decided to dedicate himself entirely to his business, Ran Remedy, offering tasty juices with no artificial flavors, colors or sugars, in an eco-friendly bottle.  

He didn’t know much about business at the time. When EforAll Lynn’s Program Manager told him about the Summer 2021 Business Accelerator, he thought it would be an excellent opportunity to learn how to take his business to the next level.  “I needed my business acumen to improve!” said Derek. 

His favorite part of the program was the progress pitch and the final presentation because they took him out of his comfort zone. For him, the hardships are great to make you organize your stuff and narrow down why you’re doing it. He credits the program with giving him more confidence and boosting his understanding of business. 

Having several mentors to support him through this journey was very important for him. “They complemented each other incredibly well. I took everything they said into consideration and was always looking forward to our weekly meetings!”

After graduating from EforAll, Derek said Ran Remedy doubled sales and increased its gross margin by applying everything he learned during the accelerator.  He is currently doing weekly pop-ups at another EforAll Lynn graduate’s store in Boston (UViDA) and doing local online orders via his website.

Instagram: @ran_remedy