Go-Roll-In uses Mobile Automotive Technicians to repair and maintain automobiles on the go. When CEO Seymour Quiles first applied to the Accelerator, Go-Roll-In had already run as a pilot in Pennsylvania. Prior to creating Go-Roll-In, Seymour had spent 2 years in sales for a prominent insurance company.

He credits the EforAll Accelerator program in Roxbury as a great source of support and guidance as he got Go-Roll-in started.  According to Seymour, “The mentorship is amazing and the free office space during the Accelerator was a big blessing. I’ve met so many people as a result of my mentors. I have investors chasing me down on the phone, if you can work the program and leverage the ecosystem, there’s nothing you can’t do.”

Today, he is pursuing Go-Roll-in full-time, has 4 employees, and has started to generate revenue.  According to Seymour, “It’s officially a corporation. Something I never would have dreamed of it not for the EforAll program. For me, it’s just a dream come true, I count my blessings.”