Mary Vasquez-Slack  became a Mentor for EforAll’s first Berkshire County Accelerator  program in Winter 2020.  She had heard about EforAll before it even arrived in Berkshire County and signed up to become a volunteer immediately!  Mary has run her own business for over 15 years (My Versatile Secretary) and is very active in her local community. 

What made you want to become a Mentor? 

When a person transitions from being someone’s employee to being the entire company, it can be exciting, a little scary, sometimes lonely, and a very rewarding experience. Having someone who can relate to a similar situation can be comforting and validating. While I may not have a formal higher education, I have learned and continue to learn so much and felt startups, with a background akin to mine, could benefit from my experience. 

What is your favorite part of being an EforAll Mentor?

 I love connecting people with others and when the startup values a suggestion.

Is there a specific Mentor experience you are most proud of?

I was pretty happy to help get my entrepreneur on a local weekly radio show.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs? 

It’s good to get different perspectives and listen to the advice of others, but it doesn’t mean you have to act on it. Trust your gut. You’re blazing your own path not someone else’s.

What do you think makes EforAll special? 

 In all seriousness, the local EforAll Berkshire County staff makes this program work. Their personalities and their casual ‘we got you covered’ caring attitudes are refreshing and appreciated. They do everything they can to ensure both the startup and the mentors get the most of the program to reach their goals. 

Of course, the program model is awesome with an impressive system to match the startups with the mentors. Having 3 mentors allows everyone to learn something new!