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As retirees and second home owners buy up housing stock, the local Cape Cod workforce struggles to bridge the housing-wage gap, often living in seasonal rentals and struggling to find affordable housing during peak summer months. Cape residents aged 25-44 have declined significantly as many cannot afford to live on Cape with income created from available jobs.  EforAll opened its doors in 2018 to help bridge this housing-wage gap and has already supported entrepreneurs in 15 Cape communities.

Our Programs

Business Accelerator

The Accelerator is a free, one-year program offered twice a year in EforAll communities. It provides immersive business training, mentorship and access to an extended professional network. Anyone with a dream to start or grow a business is encouraged to apply.

Pitch Contests

Fast-paced, fun community events that enable early-stage entrepreneurs to gain valuable exposure and feedback on a business idea at no cost. Great opportunity to network and validate business idea with potential to win a cash prize from EforAll.

Cape Cod Entrepreneurs

Upcoming Events

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Local Stories and News

Cape Cod Mentor Spotlight

Sarah Mason – EforAll Cape Cod

What is your favorite part of being an EforAll Mentor?

“I love the community EforAll builds around its programs. It’s a great network, the events are fun, I always meet interesting people and learn about all kinds of different businesses. Not only are you connected to the entrepreneurs, it builds a strong network of other mentors and professionals in different industries.”

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Local Volunteer Opportunities

Our Cape community engages over 200 volunteers each year to help support entrepreneurs who participate in our Business Accelerators and Pitch Contests. There are several volunteer options so you can apply for the one that best fits your interests and availability.

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Christin Marshall

Executive Director

Amanda Kaiser

Program Manager

Local Partners

Leadership Advisory Board

  • Patrick Cassidy (Chair) – Cape Cod on the Fly
  • Kristine Celorier – Growth Mode Co.
  • Diane Coletti – DHR International
  • Cynthia Furtado – Salt Pond Realty, LLP
  • Rebecca Minard – SmartPak Equine
  • Susan Penta – MIDIOR Consulting Inc.
  • Dan Richards – STRADS Consulting
  • Jennifer Rose – J. Rose Back Office Resources
  • Annamaria Dooley – Side by Side Pet