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Lori Trahan announces $1 million for EforAll small business programs

LOWELL — U.S. Rep. Lori Trahan and local leaders and community partners came together Wednesday to mark National Small Business Week with the announcement of a $1 million federal investment in Entrepreneurship for All’s small business programs.

The occasion was held at the Stedman Street headquarters of invisaWear, one of EforAll’s success stories.

“EforAll does tremendous work to help entrepreneurs and small business owners – especially those from underserved backgrounds and communities – develop the skills and experience necessary to succeed,” Trahan said. “This federal investment will directly benefit folks who are often left out of traditional small business opportunities, which is essential in ensuring no family or small business is left behind as we recover from the pandemic.”

Trahan secured the $1 million investment in a recently passed government funding package. The funds will help expand access to EforAll’s “inclusive entrepreneurship” approach, including development and mentorship programs. The money will support the organization’s Business Accelerator programs and other initiatives, including community pitch contests, webinars and peer support groups.