Candlelux, founded by Lance McBrayer,  offers handcrafted candles made with natural ingredients and eco-friendly materials, along with candle-making activities for personal and corporate events. 

Lance is a hairdresser who has owned several businesses in the past, but he has never had a mentor. “I have been a serial entrepreneur, but I wanted to see how mentorship could impact my business and help me achieve more than I could do alone,” says Lance. With this in mind, Lance was excited to apply for the EforAll Roxbury Business Accelerator program.

His favorite part of the program was working on his target audience. He shifted his focus and was able to work on certain aspects of his business that he wasn’t giving much attention to. And it was a game-changer. 

Since graduating from the program, his sales increased exponentially. Candlelux hosts about 15 events per month and went from having $500-600 parties to having $3,500-dollar parties. He couldn’t be happier saying, “EforAll is amazing! If anyone who wants to open a business has the opportunity to apply for it, I would 100% recommend it!  

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