Heather Cierri has always been passionate about tattoos and was a tattoo artist for nine years when she started thinking it was time to have her own studio. The only problem was that she lacked some basic business knowledge. Heather says, “I didn’t know about insurance, branding, or marketing, and I lacked the confidence to start my own business. I needed direction.”

When she heard about the Summer 2020 Business Accelerator in Lynn, it looked like the perfect fit for her.  “The best thing about being in the program is that  I  was able to apply what I learned during class towards my everyday job. I saw the progress slowly become a reality.”  And she loved how her cohort would start each of the meetings by sharing any achievement or progress. “We were always building each other up and supporting one another’s efforts.”  

After graduating from EforAll, Heather went on to open her studio, Rivers to Roads Tattoo, in early March 2021 and is already booking clients.

Facebook: /RiversToRoadsTattoo                          Instagram: @riverstoroadstattooshop