Where did the idea for Juice’d Cafe come from?
We felt we needed something healthy in our community. We were eliminating processed foods from our home with our children so this is our lifestyle. When we travel around the country, we see healthy places to eat all over in big cities and we figured that we could try our own version. Juice’d Cafe is a healthy restaurant serving fresh pressed juices, all-natural smoothies, salads, wraps, and burritos.

How did you first hear about EforAll?
We first heard about EforAll through the Bristol Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Fall River Chamber of Commerce). One night I received an e-mail from them and thought it was the perfect opportunity. I ended up applying only two days before the deadline!

What was the program like?
It was phenomenal. Our favorite part was definitely the Mentors, we received different viewpoints that helped us shape our ideas and we continue to call upon them for advice. We also bonded like a family with the other entrepreneurs in our cohort, we were all trying to make our dreams become reality. The staff was amazing, we could lean on them, ask questions, and they never made us feel like we were foolish. They made us think about things differently and look at our business from a different angle. Another great part of the EforAll experience was being able to be a winner and receive prize money which helped us in purchasing our most important piece of equipment, our juicer. Every time I look at that juicer, I think of EforAll.

What impact has EforAll made on your business?

EforAll was a great experience that changed our lives and the lives of our customers. They not only helped me and my wife open this business but also helped to expand our family, because that’s what EforAll is to us, family. Family support was a big thing. My Mom was working here with us, my brothers were working with me, my father-in-law, my Dad, my cousin did our paintings, my other cousin did the woodwork. There was so much support behind us and without EforAll and our families, it wouldn’t be possible. The biggest impact EforAll had on our lives was bringing our dreams to fruition. They made something that was just a thought in our mind a reality. It means everything to us.

What social impact has your business made on the community?
Our customer base is people of all ages, kids that love our smoothies, teens, and older people that are now realizing the importance of healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s great to see the changes that we’re making in their lives. We’ve had customers that are using juice as a way to kick-start eating healthy. We have customers coming in saying that their blood work has changed, they’ve gotten off of medication, and lost 30, 40, 50 pounds. 

What would you say to people that are considering applying to the EforAll program?
I would definitely recommend it to anybody that is looking to start a business. I would also say follow your dreams because they guide you and help you make it, we’re living proof. EforAll made our dream a reality and inspired us to live life beyond our wildest dreams.

This story is a part of EforAll’s Spotlight series on alumni. Written by Christa Brown Video content by Vanessa Gallant