Joe Radwich has been an EforAll mentor since 2015! With his extensive experience helping B2B technology companies with their go-to-market strategies  (identifying their best customer, segmentation, value propositions, pricing, and market sizing), Joe has mentored and helped many entrepreneurs successfully start their businesses with EforAll.   


 How did you hear about EforAll?

 I was on a historical walking tour that focused on the history of innovations in Lowell (industrial revolution, telephone numbers, the first CVS store, etc.) The tour guide also touched on new businesses downtown – all of which were graduates of EforAll.

 What made you want to become a mentor?

 The then Executive Director of EforAll (we only had Lowell and Lawrence then) spoke as part of the historical tour. She acknowledged the economic impact on Lowell of events such as the summer music series, Folk Festival, and sports teams. She then pointed out that Lowell had to be for Lowell and that EforAll was focused on bringing ongoing economic opportunities to the people who live in Lowell every day. I live in Lowell, so this resonated strongly with me. It was also an opportunity to volunteer and give back, which went beyond community clean-ups, fun runs, and carrying supplies. Those are important activities, but they don’t align with my skill set or anything unique to me. With EforAll, I feel I can bring something valuable to the entrepreneurs’ journey.

 Can you give us some examples of the kinds of startups you have mentored with us?

 I worked with folks launching fashion lines, restaurants, organic edible landscaping services, and esthetician services, to name a few.

What is your favorite part of being an EforAll mentor?

I love seeing and sharing the entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and being a part of their journey.

What do you think makes EforAll special?

Many accelerators are focused on financial success – how entrepreneurs can grow and make as much money as possible for themselves and their investors. EforAll is about bringing economic prosperity to communities and neighborhoods. We don’t want someone to start an idea and then move their location and employees to Boston. We want people to start businesses and benefit themselves and the communities EforAll serves (Lowell, Lawrence, Lynn, etc.).

 What advice would you have for entrepreneurs?

Doing what you love to do and are likely good at is the easy part. Everything else is equally important to your success; that is the hard part and the one you need to focus on. EforAll helps people with the hard parts.

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